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What We Do

Nourish the Brain Institute provides interdisciplinary health coaching with a specific focus on behavioral and brain health. Gemi Bertran has created a series of programs that provide personal support, education and training to individuals seeking to raise behavioral and brain performance in their life.

Her knowledge in brain nutrition and the science of the mind blends with holistic techniques. Students and clients receive a specially designed blueprint that provides them with skills to recognize triggers, take control of unhealthy patterns, and apply knowledge of how the mind works.

Program Specifications

Brain and Behavior Coach

  • Learn the value of the right nutrition, understand the body's system functions, and the brain's essential needs.
  • Discover new opportunities in your life and career when you are aware of the mental health breakthroughs for yourself and your clients.


Learning Online With Continued SupportĀ 


Each week students will receive new content and activities.  These range from in depth study of the brain's functions, to truths about foods that keep the body in optimum health.  

  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Quality of Food
  • Neuroplasticity

Work With Real Clients to Build Professional Craft


After the first several weeks, BBC Students begin their practice with Workshop Design, presenting new knowledge with a fresh structure

  • Projects to develop your practice and salesmanship
  • Sharing your story as a way of inviting new clients
  • Ongoing instruction on food industry, autoimmune disease, and longevity

Create Your Own Well-Balanced Schedule


All the way through your 26th week of our signature course, you will synthesize and foster a deep understanding of cutting-edge content.  

  • Leap of Faith
  • Law of Circulation
  • Recovery from Addiction
  • The Power of Our Mind
  • Client Scheduling and Regular Visits


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